The beginning of the year 2021 has been very exciting and busy for Aktivo.

First of all, we are very sorry for this late and awaited update that should have come weeks ago.

We have been working closely with our partners to develop our company structure and service in Europe and USA first.

We have delivered a full container of scooters to Switzerland, and the products have been received with no issues, and we are very happy that our backers are getting back to us with very good feedback and encouraging messages. Finally, the scooter’s quality is stable, and we are happy that all the extended period to improve those issues has paid off.

Kome and the factory are working day and night to assemble the next batch of scooters that will be shipped in April to our backers in Spain. That’s the next big backers batch to be shipped out.

we are starting to scale up production in order to start selling some product while at the same time shipping to you, backers which allows us to cover the extremely expensive recent shipping costs. We are determined to ship all the backer’s scooters in 2021, and even if selling scooters at the same time, stay reassured that we haven’t forgotten about our responsibility and who helped start this journey 2 years ago.

At the same time, we would like to be transparent and as some of you know, some backers have contacted us, and payed extra for a direct shipping service for their scooters, to receive them quicker. All of those have been successfully delivered and we’ve had very good feedback as well.

So, since the shipping fee has raised drastically, and we can only afford to ship to backers while selling product to end customer to cover for the overall operations (this is the slow way), we want to give the option to get immediate fast shipping delivery service door to door to whoever would like to cover for the extra shipping fee that we unfortunately are not able to cover. If you are interested please contact us and they will be happy to give you more information and all the details. This is not a scam or any trick here. Some backers have already received their scooters. We just want you to have a second option. We are transparent with logistics here, there is no extra charges.