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1. Can i use the scooter as a normal kick scooter?

Yes, when the scooter runs out of battery, you can kick it as a regular scooter, but it does have a bit of drag. Not much though.

2. How is the AKTIVO Scoot delivered and is it easy to assemble?

AKTIVO Scoot is delivered with instructions in a securely packed box and requires minimal assembly. It takes 5 minutes to start enjoying your first ride. Shipping is extra.


3. What about spare parts?

They will have all the spare parts available online, Some complex replacements will need to be executed by experts in repair centres, and most, will be easy enough to do them yourself.


4. Can I swap or take the battery out of the scooter?

The battery can't be swap by another one or charged outside of the scooter. It’s not meant to be removed unless the battery needs to be replaced.


5. How long should the battery last?

Our high quality LG battery is designed to last between 500 to 800 cycles depending on the charger used, and the percentage of discharge at start of each battery charging cycle.

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