Frequently asked questions about my shop

How long have we been in bussness ?

Since 1980. We started getting seedlings out of our bush, now we buy in from all over new zealand.

What do you sell ?

Trees and shrubs. Not fruit trees, Not potting mix, Not vegatable seedlings or swan plants.. We have been growing plants for the public for over 20 years. One model of Ebike, the best, One model of E Scooter, the best, and lots of bike accessories.

What payment methods do you take ?

Cash, bank deposit and for the bigger items PayPal.

Do you get any help from anyone ?

No relitives, family friends or "sister" (the famous titirangi kauri tree chopper) have not been around to visit mother (80+) and me since my dad died 10 years ago. Some friends say it sounds like they are from gloravail or polygamy sect. how they close themselfs off. She works at show g.... I got told.

Do you offer gift vouchers ?

Yes, for up to $40

Do you ship ?

Yes, around New Zealand on the plants and bike accesseries. Just send a NZ Post bag and the cash for the bike accesseries They then can be shiped to a PO Box or residential address. Bikes and scooters need money up front and buyer to organise and be responable for shipping.